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Been extremely busy with school...once finals are done in a few weeks I should have lots of ceramics and some sculpture from 3d design class to share!
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(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
The Black family was a traditional Indian family. They had come to the States to outrun a family curse, but it hadn’t been far enough. Somewhere along the way in their past, one of their ancestors angered the wrong woman. He had been captured by a Daayan, what amounts to a witch in Hindu mythology, but had somehow escaped her grasp. The Daayan, enraged, cursed him and all of his descendants. His family was cursed to slowly birth more women until there were no more men left. Hindu tradition lies heavily with the extended family; many generations live in the same household, the women cleaning and cooking, and the men collectively providing the income for the entire household. The women become part of their husband’s household when they marry. The curse spread, and soon the family had a stigma and no one would marry the women.
After a hundred years of running, the Black family found its way to a small western coastal town in the U.S. There was only one male of their bloodline left, and the elders had decided he must marry an outsider to try and break the curse. His grandmother had spent years studying ways to break the curse, including the study of magic of all types. She believed she had found a way to break the Daayan’s curse by invoking Kali and asking for a reprieve. The Daayan’s were worshippers of Kali and Durga and it was widely believed that that was where their powers lay. The man’s wife loved her husband very much and being ignorant of his culture believed the strange ritual on their wedding night to be a blessing on their marriage. The dark magic worked, or so they believed.   The couple became pregnant soon after their wedding night.  The first few months went by smoothly. She had a perfectly formed baby boy. The family believed they had finally beat the curse. In truth, Kali was angered that a non-follower had invoked her. She had planted a seed inside their growing fetus, and waited for the time they would be unaware to set the seed to sprout. Hidden behind their growing boy was a little girl, not really born of either, but a mix of their son’s genetic material and Kali’s essence. The baby girl was well hidden and each test and ultrasound showed no evidence of her. She grew strong alongside her twin.
The family gathered around the mother for the birth to welcome the first male child born in 50 years to their family.  The boy was born first. The family was passing him around marveling at his beauty when the doctor told them there was another baby coming. The room stopped dead silent and waited with baited breath. They thought perhaps it had worked too well and there were two boys. The girl was born in a rush of blood, a clear portent, and once cleaned was presented to the family. The disappointment was obvious and the tension was thick. The grandmother named the girl Kalia in tribute to Kali thinking the twins were a gift. Their mother named the boy Kaidan for her family. The twins eyes were such a pale blue at birth, they almost looked white. Being half Indian the family thought this was odd, except that their mother had gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair.
The twins grew quickly, in perfect health and looks. Both had thick black hair, even as babies, and their very pale eyes soon changed… alarming their family. Both twins’ eyes changed, but not to brown or even a darker blue like they should have, but to a pale shade of purple. On top of this, both children had an eerie calm and awareness about them. They both walked and talked much sooner than the other children; Kalia always one step ahead of her brother. The elders of their family kept an eye on the twins, hoping that it was only that they had been touched by magic, and not something more sinister. The twins were inseparable, even as babies, and their mother doted on them. So wrapped up into her new children she was blind to the indifference and coldness of her husband. He didn’t love his wife, he married her as a duty to his family. He doted on his son and ignored his daughter and wife. As the children grew and time passed it soon became obvious something was not right with the twins, especially the girl.
Omen after omen piled up, and soon the grandmother knew it was time to do something. She took the toddlers and set them inside a ritual circle and began incantations to divine the truth of the twins. She was unnerved at the way Kalia watched her every move, knowingly, while Kaidan sat playing with a crystal happily. As she finished her incantations, a cold wind blew through the room and all light extinguished. There was a glow around Kalia, who watched her great-grandmother with an eerie smile. She began to ask who possessed her grandchildren when she started to choke. Blood began to pour from her mouth and she dropped to her knees, drowning in her own blood. The entire time Kalia watched smiling. Kaidan finally noticed his grandmother had fallen and began to cry. The sound of his crying son brought their father running. When he arrived, the scene before him chilled him to his bones. His son sat inside an occult circle crying, and his ‘daughter’, was seated next to his grandmother, playing in the pool of blood that surrounded her, laughing happily. He made a move to take his son and Kalia cut him off. Her brother was going nowhere without her. Their father called his family to him, and they cleaned up the evidence of the ritual, packed their things and left as quickly and quietly as they could. Their mother caught him just as he was leaving. He had planned on going without saying a word to her; leaving her with both children to deal with on her own. His only explanation to her was her child was a monster and he never loved her. That was the last anyone saw of the Black family.
Kalia’s mother blamed her for her husband and his family leaving. She never knew what had transpired, never knew what Kalia really was. She consoled herself with alcohol, and changed completely. She had once been a loving wife and an adoring mother. She felt like Kalia had stolen her life from her, and from her son. She blamed her for everything that had happened, especially her husband leaving. Constantly she reminded Kalia she should never have been born. Kalia’s own mother did her best to alienate her from everyone and make her own twin hate her. Despite doing everything in her power to split up her children, they were closer than ever.
Their mother worked job after job to make sure the bills were paid and Kaidan had everything he needed. Unfortunately being an alcoholic, she couldn’t keep any job for long. Kalia did everything in her power to make sure that as soon as they were old enough, she and her brother could leave and never look back. She got perfect grades and never got in trouble-- all of which was ignored by their mother. She was an odd child and didn’t have many friends. Her brother, in an odd contrast, was the most popular boy in their school. He always had friends and girlfriends. Although the girls didn’t last long, they couldn’t handle the strange relationship he had with his sister.
It wasn’t until Kalia turned 16 that she knew anything about who she was. Along with the commencement of her womanhood, came the hunger. Kalia had made the mistake of telling her mother, which sprouted yet another tirade on how abnormal she was. The smell, along with her anger, finally triggered the curse. Kalia snapped and tore her mother to shreds. They were finally free, but at what cost.  The twins ran. They spent years on the road together searching for their father or a hint about what she was, and why the hunger to kill and feed had taken over her life.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
It had been over a week since Kalia’s dinner with her brother. She had been trying her best to abstain, but every now and then the hunger would surface. She did her best to refocus the energy towards other things, but it was getting difficult. She’d already spent an inordinate amount of time at the gym training and sweating out her dark yearnings. Her mind kept drifting back to their conversation that night. She just wanted to keep the past in the past, but Kaidan just couldn’t help bringing it up in some way or another. She still had nightmares, so having the visions in the forefront of her mind was not needed.
Kalia knew she should miss her mother as much as her brother did. She knew she should feel remorse, but she never had a connection with her. Their mother had never been much of a parent, but what little instinct and love she did have was for Kaidan only. Their mother had taken every opportunity to remind Kalia she should have never been born; remind her that she was the reason their father had disappeared. When her mother had gotten pregnant, there had been only one child in her belly. That’s what all the tests and ultrasounds had said, and that’s all that they had wanted. Her birth had been a source of contention her entire life, but the story of her conception and birth was an entirely different story, and one she tried her best to keep buried. One trauma at a time was all she could handle at the moment.
Her brother had always been the favorite, and not just with their mother, but with everyone. Kalia had always been odd. She was quiet but not even remotely shy; she only ever said what was needed, even if it wasn’t what someone wanted to hear. Even as a child she never wasted breath with words not needed or questions she knew would never be answered. Her brother was outgoing and popular. He got good grades, but only because Kalia helped him with his work. She was every bit as good looking as him and twice as smart, but for some reason  she repelled people even as they were drawn to her. Their mother was even worse. She never loved her daughter and made it perfectly clear to her every chance she had. Kaidan was her only real child.
Kaidan was all Kalia had. They were much closer than most siblings were, even closer than most twins. They took care of each other. Their mother may have loved only Kaidan, but she couldn’t take care of him. She had dove into the alcohol the moment their father had left, and never came up for air. She bounced from job to job, barely making enough money to take care of the twins. Kalia took up as much slack as she could; practically raised her and her brother all on her own, even though Kaidan was the older twin by a minute.
Kalia had been much more advanced than others her age mentally, and while she had to grow up much sooner than she should have, she was behind physically. She never understood what was wrong with her--why her mother hated her, why her father left, and why everyone blamed her for it. Her mother wouldn’t deign to explain anything to her and that may have been a poor decision on her part.
She had been 16 when she finally caught up to the other girls. The normality of puberty that the other girls faced was tinged with horror for her. With the onset of her womanhood came the hunger. She didn’t understand it. The desire to kill. That’s how it started; dark, disturbing thoughts of murdering others. The rest came later. If only her mother had explained her conception and birth things might have been better…for everyone.

Eh free day...

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 11:04 AM
lol its freebie day so I decided I might as well change the skin… wth. lol Been busy with school so not on much anymore… should upload school work later this week… if i remember.


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